Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lima 2015 Two planes crash during Lima aerobatics

We witnessed today  first hand the crash of the two Indonesian Aircrafts in preparation to the Lima 2015, held on Langkawi. They were going to fly past each other when for some reason or other they grazed the wings. Next thing we saw was a fireball and two parachutes emerging seconds later.

One of the planes crashed near the motorway where you can see lots of onlookers, firebrigades and ambulances.

The second plane, or parts of it crashed into a house where five people were aparently getting ready for an afternoon nap after lunch..they were very shaken but no one was hurt we were told by some locals. So far we understand all the pilots are save.

We are just glad nobody was hurt and maybe the air displays could be held over the coast as this is an Island with plenty of water around. This was a close one for the people of Langkawi, ourselves included. The planes are flying over our house very closely and the crash sites were no more then 1 km away.


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