Monday, 2 February 2015

Hua Hin by Train

It has been quite some time since we had something interesting to write again for our homepage. Living on Langkawi for 3 years now has become a normality and the only trips we did were either to Penang or Satun, mainly just to have a break and do some shopping. (Click on the links for more info about these places)

It was time to travel somewhere different and because friends of ours were in Hua Hin on a holiday and another set of friends live in Bangkok and were willing to meet us there, so we booked the overnight train from Arau (Malaysia) to Hua Hin (Thailand) Here you find how to book tickets

Joined this train in Arau
The easiest way to get from Langkawi to Hua Hin is with the train as the only other alternative would be to fly to Kuala Lumpur then on to Bangkok and take a taxi (cost about 1700THB) or train to Hua Hin.

We joined the Butterworth to Bangkok overnight train in Arau after a short ferry (to Kuala Perlis) and taxi trip from Langkawi as we did on our last trip by train to Bangkok Remember to book bottom bunks as they are a lot more comfortable to sleep in than the top ones and ask for the middle section of the train because it can get rather loud by the doors.

Beds are made
This time we were slightly unlucky with our seats because the window looked like as if it was iced up and we couldn`t see a thing, but it soon becomes dark after you get on the train, so we just made the most of it by reading. Asking for a different seat does not help as this journey is pretty much booked out, so don`t bother.

Hmm not much to see
The journey takes about 16 hours and after a semi good night`s sleep we arrived in Hua Hin about 8:30am. The train station itself is classed as a tourist attraction and yes, it is quite pretty.

Arrived in Hua Hin
Food sold at the station
At the platform
We hardly ever book hotels or guest houses in advance, so the first thing we did was to head for the sea front to check out what accommodation was available for us. We rarely go for luxury or expensive, after all we are in S-E Asia and rooms can come cheaply if you look around. We have all we need in our little house on Langkawi so all we need is clean, wifi and a nice setting.

Our house on Langkawi
We checked about 4 diferent places and decided to stay at the Fulay Guest House where the rooms are actually above the sea and when you are in bed you can hear the waves rolling in underneath.
It cost us 600THB a night, so about 15,00€ On our travels we tend to spend very little time in the room, it is just to have a decent sleep so you are fit for the next day`s adventure.

Entance Fulaj Guest house

Rooms on the left, walk to sea front bar


One thing we miss on Langkawi though is a variety of food, so it is no surprise we indulged in some fantastic meals, which are unavailable to us normally and I think this says it all....

Pad Thai
What a Pizza

Love it !!!!!
BLT Sandwich
Sea food selection
This is only part of a massive menu

We also met our friends Tracey and Martyn as well as Sara and Clas and spent some time with them which was nice and to read about how we met on Langkawi is an interesting read (click on the names)

Apart from that we really enjoyed walking for miles and having a look around Hua Hin. The beach is beautiful and the climate whilst we were there was a lot cooler than Langkawi which made another nice change.

Sunrise at the sea in Hua Hin

Walk to the beach

Kite surfers

Walking for miles at the beach and beautiful waves
There really is not much more to tell, so we leave you with some pictures of Hua Hin and by the way: We are already thinking of going back there over the New Year. We had a great time.

Bars and restaurants

Quiet and peaceful

Old house in the town

Inside the Temple

Sea front street

View to the Hilton

Temple by the sea

No garden? No problem, create your own
               If you have any questions feel free to contact us and share us if you liked this post.


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