Monday 27 January 2014

Our House, our Garden and some of the animals

Many of our visitors are asking where we live now, especially people who would like to live in Malaysia, or Langkawi. To tell the truth, it was not easy to find somewhere, as a lot of places for rent are just completely overpriced. Well, after a lot of problems and a lot of hard work to improve our current home we are quite happy.
Our Place in Bukit Lembu

We are living very much in the countryside, a place called Bukit Lembu (Cow Hill) and the name suits the place to the ground.....Cows everywhere...on the fields, on the roads, up the hills, just everywhere you look.
Living in the country gives you other visitors too, some you have to get used to and some which are nice to just observe.

Paradise Tree Snake (flies through the air)


Here is one we love. it is a Tree Shrew who lives with a family of about four in our garden and loves the berries from the tree.

I spy with my little eye

One less
We are having a lot of birds too, which we had not seen this close before:

Sunbird (We think)

Chestnut breasted Malkoha (Very shy Bird)

Lucky to get him

They love our bird bath
And then there are some very unusual things to find, but only if you keep your eyes open:

A Tokay (Google the prices for it, unbelievable)

We call him the Space beetle (really great looking thing)

The colours are unreal with a metallic look

Very common around the garden
It is amazing what you can see when you live away from the tourist area and we are enjoying the nature around us. The beach is only 7 minutes away, the nearest shop about 2 minutes and we think at the moment we finally have arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia. If you have any questions about Langkawi or Malaysia, or our live here plese feel free to contact us at

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