Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Con Man, 11 Flights in 3 Weeks and a trip to Bali

Svend Olav Dunick Larsen came to Langkawi and a lot of people got very disappointed. I cannot  tell you all the details of what he did, but you are free to read about this man`s past here and something he did on Langkawi here. If you come across this guy, just be careful as he appears to be friendly and honest....


Could this be the footprint of the last Balinese Tiger?? ;)
Well, we haven`t updated our blog for a long time which was due to circumstances we could have done without. The evening we decided to move into our new house (more about that in the next post) we found out we had to get back to England in a hurry, which meant booking a flight ASAP and what we got was no fun. Flight from Langkawi to KL on to Singapore, then Paris and change for Manchester, a week later Manchester to Amsterdam, then KL and finally Langkawi....what a pain these flights were. But not enough with this, because we had already pre booked Bali three days after that, so unpack, get the new house in order and again from Langkawi to KL and on to Denpasar.