Sunday 12 August 2012

Smog on Langkawi

Todays view 12.08.2012 on the beach of Cenang

First of all I would like to say, I think my entries about Malaysia and Langkawi have always been positive and we still love living here. What we have been experiencing in the last few days though, I would like to write about, as people reading our blog may want to see this. We have had smog on the island as we have never seen before anywhere else in the world and it is very worrying to us. The fires in Indonesia are burning and because we have had very little rain or wind lately the smoke is coming over here. You can smell it, and wherever you go you breath it in. The tourists might think it is haze due to the high temperatures and you see them jog on the beach, kids playing outside all day and people relaxing on deck chairs maybe not realising what they are breathing in. I shall let the following pictures speak for themselves.

On a clear day
Where are the hills?

Without smog

Smog today
Health hazard chart today for Langkawi

We are already above 101 i.e. the unhealthy part

with a 102 and rising
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