Friday 29 June 2012

Trip to Bangkok (The Journey)

Our trip to Bangkok for 12 days was very eventfull, so there shall be several parts (see bottom of post)
Part 1: The journey
On our journey to Bangkok
We decided to go to Bangkok by train for our next visa-run, not only because it was cheaper than flying, but because we wanted to experience the overnight train. Rebecca, a girl we met in Bon Ton did this a few weeks ago and we thought it sounded quite adventurous. It was difficult to find out how to get a ticket, as you could not book them in a travel agency anywhere. The best thing is to reserve a ticket online  or by phone and find out a couple of things about the train. This done, we would start by taking the ferry from Kuah (Langkawi) to Perlis and from there by taxi to Arau where we caught the train for our 15hr. trip to BKK. At the train station in Arau we sat and waited by a wire fence and Fiona, dead relaxed, said: "Look at that snake" the thing was about 2meters away (see photo)
Snake on the fence at Arau train station
The train was on time (which is not always the case and you can read about that later) and we started this new way of travelling. We had booked two bottom beds (they are more spacious then the top and you have a window) and were surprised how clean and professional it was. Once we were seated a waiter came and asked whether we wanted to order dinner and breakfast so we did. It was a little on the pricey side, but we just had to do it as a treat and when it came it tasted and looked really good.
The seats
Diner on the train to BKK
We desperately needed a cigarette after our feast so went on to explore the train and ended up where the staff work and it was as if we just entered an "Indiana Jones" movie. The doors were all open, soot flying through the air, no suspension on the waggon, so it rocked like on a roller coaster and definitely no air con. It was great and we thoroughly enjoyed this part immensely as you would not find this anywhere in Europe
Ahh fresh Air :)
No door? No Problem
Sunset at the open door
View out of the train

It was time for our beds to be made and we had to try them out as soon as they were done. Surprisingly really spacious and comfortable. The whole wagon was all of a sudden covered in blue curtains and most people got straight into their bunks and it quickly went quiet. Ahh, it might be an idea to wash your feet before going to bed, specially if you travel with flip-flops (picture below)
In bed
Plenty of room
Silence on board

The next posts will be about:

- Arrival in BKK and our Guest house
- Temples in BKK
- China Town and Markets
- The Tiger temple
- Bangkok tipps and tricks
Each part will have lots of photos to look at and more info

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