Tuesday 8 May 2012

Rainy Season in Langkawi

Not much has changed in our daily life here and we are still enjoying the Lassie animal shelter which we visit twice a week in the afternoons after starting up with 4 times a week at first, which was just too much. We have become familiar with most of the dogs now and it is good fun and exercise (for the dogs and us) We are undecided where our next Visa run shall take us and are discussing either to go to Singapore or Bangkok (be nice to see Sarah and Clas) combined with a little trip here or there. I shall keep you posted as soon as a decision has  been reached. In the meantime I thought I would share a few views of Kuah from our balcony.

Rain approaching Kuah
We are at the start of the rainy season right now on Langkawi and I thought it might be interesting to share with you what a Tropical Island can look like when the sun does not shine. We are hardly getting blue skies and the humidity is sometimes well above 85% with temperatures always around 34°C.

Rain front moving in
 It is rather  nice when the rain sets in, as the wind picks up and it cools down a few welcome degrees. We always sit on our balcony (if at home) and enjoy the fresh air blowing, with spectacular views of clouds, wind and rain.

Unable to see the other side of the valley
The nights have been anything but comfortable. It is either too hot without a breeze, really windy, or best of all, thundering and lightning so loud and bright that we get out of bed. Sometimes this might be 1°clock, 3°clock or 5°clock in the morning. It is certainly different from when we first arrived here.

Rainbow in front of, what we call "Mole Hill"
The one thing though, the air is clean and refreshing after it has rained, the other is, the humidity soon sets in again. We do not know how this will carry on, because we heard it sometimes rains for two weeks solid and might even get cool.... Hey we already had to put long trousers on once, it went down to about 23°C and that felt rather cold!