Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tsunami Watch Cancellation

Luckily the Tsunami watch has been cancelled, see link below. 

Tsunami Watch Cancellation

Tsunami Warning for Langkawi

We just came back to our Apartment. We left the building when a second tremor occurred which lasted longer than the first one. (see Post below) It was scary, so we took our rucksack and went down to the water front as there were already a lot of people gathering, staring at the sea.
Interesting guy explaining what happened in Langkawi in the 2004 tsunami.

More and more people gather at the jetty

Police announcement to leave the area.

Parked up on a bridge, not wanting to go back to our apartment, in case of another tremor!

All calm, watching boats move to a safer, central position.
We shall keep you updated if things change and we hope for a night without more tremors.

Earthquake and Tsunami Warning

We just felt an Earthquake in Langkawi. Tsunami warnings have been issued in Penang and other near by areas.
 For more information about the ETA of a possible Tsunami in different areas please click on the link below. Here all is quiet but it was an unusual feeling. Just as I am writing this we are feeling it again... Leaving the building.....
Indian Ocean-wide Tsunami Watch Bulletin