Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Malaysia by Car

On the road to the Cameron Highlands
We have finally started our trip through Malaysia. It will be a round trip with quite a few places to cover. The plan is to make it firstly to the Cameron Highlands, followed by going to the east coast of Malaysia, down the costal road, then back to Alor Setar via the Genting Highlands and if possible an Elephant Sanctuary amongst other plans.
We started with the ferry crossing from Kuah to Kuala Kedah Port on the mainland. Then by taxi to Alor Setar Airport where we picked our rental car up, which we had reserved before we left Langkawi.
Strange lights at night
Well, to cut a long story short, after we got acquainted with our new motor we hit the road and drove the North - South Route E1 passed Penang, Butterworth towards Ipoh, where we turned off at exit 137 towards the Cameron Highlands. Before you go on this curvy uphill road, remember to fill your tank up, as for quite some miles there is no more chance. It started getting later and later and soon it was dark and we had no hotel booked....
rain started, thunder and lightning, then mist, and the traffic became less and less. We stopped a couple of times in little villages asking for a hotel or guest house, but no joy. Ok, 9°clock came...