Sunday 28 October 2012

Bowling, Paddle Boarding and a Birthday

You have to wait for the last picture of "Hans in Lederhosen"
(video contains sound)

Well, a birthday is  another reason to have a good day with friends on our tropical Island. When we got up the other morning there was another fabulous display of balloons outside our little house but this time it was combined with a treasure hunt.

The first clues to the treasure
Would not be a birthday without a yummy cake
Alana and Richard made a lot of effort to invent rhyming notes as to where the next clue was hidden.
After much fun we were eventually led to the "treasure" which came as a complete surprise to us. In the afternoon we decided to go for a game of bowling at the Kuah Jetty and all of us, including Riccardo made our way for a little sportive exercise which helped to build up a decent thirst :) Alana and Richard decided to give us all some nicknames hahaha!

Princess Fiona (Shrek?) no, no
Why Banana?
ok, Richard William (should explain it)
Captain Octopussy alias Captain ROCK  'n' Roll (snigger)
After the first round of some normal bowling it was time to prove ourselves in the fine art of weird bowling, which included left hand, backwards, Flint stone style and two handed shots. OMG I have some videos but I really cannot upload them, otherwise this blog might get censored ( for daft behaviour)
We also met Alana and Richard on the beach to try out their paddle boards, again turning out to be a real good laugh.
The professionals Alana, Richard
Not so professional Fiona, Udo 
Happens to the best of us
The evening was fantastic with a beautiful sunset on Cenang beach and even though being soaked from falling in the water (well just me, Fiona managed to stay on the board) we thought it might be a good idea in stopping for a drink or two at Raffi`s on the beach enjoying each others company and the sunset.

Sunset, beer and friends
We always have a great time with Alana and Richard and are very sorry to see them go back to New Zealand soon to carry on with their career and a new life. Good luck for the future you two!! We may pay a visit!

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