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It was time for us yet again to go on another Visa run and some of you who follow us will know we were lucky enough to be invited by Captain Gina from the SY Titania to join them on their delivery run to Phuket.

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For Fiona and myself this was the first time we ever had the chance to sail on one of these super yachts and to actually experience what it is like to stand at the helm and steer the boat. We met at the wharf where Titania was anchored and were picked up by Sally in the tender and once on board were shown our cabin and then the ropes! 

Titania waiting for high tide
Sally picking us up
We had to wait for high tide before leaving so had dinner on board and retired to our bed and bunks until setting off at around 09:00hrs. Sat. morning
The plan originally was to stop off at Krabi but as the wind picked up and the waves were growing bigger, Gina and Riccardo decided to sail through the night straight to Phuket. I certainly did not sleep at all as the boat was on a 45° angle and hitting the waves quite hard at times. It was such an unbelievable feeling though sitting up in the cockpit gazing at the stars at night and feeling the wind and the waves. We arrived in the early morning hours and anchored off shore, again waiting for the tide so we could actually enter the yacht harbour.

Fiona in charge of a Super Yacht
Ricci and Udo
Walking along here took some getting used to!
This Video will give you a feel what it was like, just awesome:

We stayed one more night on board before setting off Monday to Phuket Town for a visit to the dentist, which was another adventure worth telling about. If you go to a hospital in Europe nowadays you know you are a second class citizen unless you are privately insured, but even then you would never get treated in the same manner as we were in Phuket. There is actually a porter coming with you to show the way where you have to go and everything is extremely clean and this gives you confidence in the place. 

5 Star hotel? No just the hospital
Luckily the problem was not serious and we decided to move on to Nai Yang beach on Phuket because we were told Wat`s bar was opening after some renovation with free BBQ. There are some strong ties with the Yachties and this bar as it was completely destroyed in the Tsunami and a lot of Yachties helped to rebuild this place. So, off we went and found a little guest house not too far from the beach and joined in the party, meeting all the crew of Titania again and thoroughly having a good time with beef, pork ribs, chicken curry and salad. Of course we had one or two beers :) tried the hoola hoops and all in all enjoyed a very good night out.

Nai Yang beach
What a treat, buffet at the beach
Udo, Fiona, Ricky and one or two beers ;)
(B) oobs what happened there? Good Party  (I did not take this picture)
Yep, a good night!
Wat`s Bar
Says it all
Fiona unfortunately caught a stomach bug (pretty bad one) and so we were stuck in the hotel for 3 days and not able to see much of the rest of Phuket, never mind, it will still be there when we come again. We then moved on to Krabi by bus which went very smoothly and the journey of 3 hours was no problem at all. It rained all the time though which spoiled the view a bit but still it was interesting.

Crabs in Krabi

Vitamins are good for you
Krabi Thai Town`s raining
View of Phang Nga (North of Phuket)
We found a Guest House costing 200THB (5€) for the night which was nice and then had a good look around in Krabi, but the rain got worse and so we decided to head off to Satun and back home, where Sara and Clas were on their visa run to Langkawi. Believe me, Satun must be one of the most boring and ugly towns around and we are always glad to get back onto the ferry.
The first day back we felt like zombies, but the next day it was time for another good night with Sara, Alana, Clas, Richard and Riccardo. First though, we all tried out a Zumba class, omg what a laugh. 1 Hour of exercise and we were soooo ready for a cold beer and some food. It was a shame Sara and Clas had to go back to Bangkok already the next day, but we are hoping to meet up again in December.

Another great night with some great friends
Good luck in your new job Sara

If you are interested in some more photos, just click here

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