Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bangkok Temples and Markets

Bangkok`s amazing Temples and Markets

Nearly bought him
The lying Buddha

This was a difficult post to write as I just did not know where to start, but then it was just the same when we first got to BKK. What is there to see and where is it. How do you get there and is it worth seeing or just a tourist rip off. Where the temples are concerned we decided on the Grand Palace, which has the Jade Buddha in it, the Temple with the lying Buddha and the temple with the standing Buddha. We were told they are kind of the main attractions but there are surely more temples worth seeing. For us these were plenty and very impressive. I think you`ll agree when you look at the photographs.
Equally impressive were the different markets to us as there was not a thing you could not buy, whether umbrellas looking like guns, anything that crawls and fits in a frying pan, pets of all shapes or sizes plus all other goods you can think of. I think in this post I shall let the pictures speak for themselves, but you can always read the comments. On the bottom of this post you can chose from either more pictures from temples or markets. Contact us if you have any questions by all means. Enjoy...

First of all a short video of the monks praying (just to get you into the mood), I love the sound of this...

Temple pictures

Standing Buddha
Flowers at his feet

Lying Buddha in full

At the head

Inside the Temple


One for each problem

Asian music band


Applying gold leaf to holy statue

Hi hope you liked these, but now on to the market pictures, amazing...


Some different umbrellas


Anything gets eaten


What a job to do this assembly


Fish head anyone?

I like her hand in the blood

The smell was lovely too

We tried these, funny jelly beans, or....
As soon as Picasa have solved their upload problem I shall add two links here for more photos. Market/Temples

Monday, 9 July 2012

Bangkok - Guest house

We arrived in BKK after a 15hr journey and straight after we went to book our return ticket. We had to wait an hour for Sara and Clas to meet us because as I had given them the time of our arrival, not realising the time on the ticket was Malay time. So my mistake. We were glad when they showed up, just to give us some hints about the city we had never been to before. They are good sports so I have added some pictures of a bit of party time in Bangkok later.

First tuk-tuk ride through BKK
This is fun (think)
 Not knowing where our guest house was we thought of getting a taxi.....wrong, they all try and cheat you. One cab driver wanted 400THB which is still cheap when you compare it with European prices, but hey... we are in Asia. After stopping several of these so called "Taximeter" Taxis (most do not use meters) , we finally approached  a tuk-tuk driver and haggled  him down to 80THB. (Will write all about public transport in Bangkok Tips and Tricks post) We arrived at our hotel where we were going to stay for the next 12 days after about half an hour in the tuk-tuk and I was surprised my reservation I made via telephone actually worked and we were given the requested room on the 4th floor. We were in room 402 and had a big veranda just around the corner, overlooking the Chao Phraya River with it`s busy ferry and ship movements. (See pics below) The Riverside Guest house cost us 280THB per night. (with fan and bathroom)

Entrance of Riverline Guest House
Here it is like a beacon (we're home)

Terrace next to room. Rooftop upstairs 
I spy ladies washing below!

breakfast in the garden
Lower terrace river view

The Riverside G.h. does not have a homepage to reserve rooms, you have to ring them directly. They do speak English. They have Wifi you can buy drinks and they serve breakfast for small money, though you might still get it cheaper outside. It is situated really close to a ferry point and about 10min. walk from Khao San Road (click here for map) We recommend this place for a short term stay but not for long term as the room was quite small, no wardrobe and really not enough room to swing a cat. (who swings a cat anyway???)
In the evening we met Sara and Clas (by now we had been travelling for 20 hours or so) to watch Sweden play England in the European Championship and the game did not start until 2:00am. We only watched the first half and then had to leave because we were finished, nothing to do with the few beers we had together though :) We did not take any pictures that evening, but here are just a few party pictures we took whilst in BKK. We had a great time as you can see.

Cant see straight

Final shot

YESSSS! We are the Champions

Celebratory beer 

Clas moving it

Rock it Sara

In our next blog post we shall write about Temples in BKK with some great photos.
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