Saturday 2 June 2012

The Langkawi Virus

About two weeks ago someone contacted us again via our contact form from Singapore. The woman wrote to us saying they were in a similar situation as us, i.e. they sold up and are travelling different countries and that they are coming to Langkawi and would like to meet us. This was the second time we were meeting people through our blog, which is great, it means people read it and find it interesting what we are doing.

Anna and Jon
We met Anna and Jon at the entrance of  theWaterworld Langkawi and decided to go for some snacks and a cold drink. They are at the moment living in Singapore but are (very similar to us) looking around at different places, open minded where they might end up. The story of Anna`s life was absolutely fascinating as she was one of the Boat People (check out these pictures) who escaped communist Vietnam in 1979, by this time her family had lost everything and she had been imprisoned twice. First for two years and then a short-while later for another year. Her Homepage is well worth a visit. Luckily we had a lot to talk about and decided to go up to Gunung Raya together the next day, where we experienced again the friendliness of the Malay people.

Little Nabila(h) brought us a plate with food. Shy and sweet
Malay Family, with Anna, Fiona and Jon having a picnic on the pavement 
In front of a misty Gunung Raya Tower
The clouds were too low to see the sunset on the hill, so we just stood for a break at the railing for a chat after the drive when a little girl came up all shy and offered us some food wrapped in banana leaf. It turned out to be a sweet rice jelly, filled with coconut and it was delicious. When we turned to the family to thank them, they asked us to join and we had grilled prawn, chilly crab and more of these lovely banana leaf wrapped sweets. The family are from Malacca on mainland Malaysia, here on holiday and it turned out one of the girls is a children's TV presenter. It was soon time to move on and we went to Kuah for an evening meal.
Jon, the Crab and a bottle of Scotch (can it get any better?)
Fiona and Annas plates are empty, so is the beer, must have been good
Fighting over the bill (the big man lost) who is the big man? :)
We went to Wonderland a Chinese Restaurant and had some good food, but the best was, Jon had bought a bottle of Grouse (my favourite Scotch) by chance and we were allowed to compliment our meal with it. Good company, good food and a bottle of Grouse on a tropical Island, what else could you wish for. We think they enjoyed Langkawi and we are sure they shall come back soon (they already looked for places to stay) Must be the Langkawi Virus....

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  1. As you well know, we had a great time. Still don't know exactly when we'll be back, but we will revisit you (and Langkawi) when we can. It would obviously be a great place to live. We'll stay in touch, and let you know in advance when we'll return. Keep having fun!

    Jon & Anna


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