Saturday, 12 May 2012

Some of our Photos

I know a lot of our readers look at the posts here on our Blog, but I think it might be interesting to show you what we have in stock on our Photo Link. We have taken some sample pictures and made a little "quick gallery" just to give you a taste. Some shots make a brilliant desktop wallpapers and if you are interested just contact us and we shall send you a copy. Enjoy....and feel free to comment. Get Adobe Flash player

If it takes too long to load, let me know and we shall remove this post.


  1. very Impressed of your photos. Is there any email address to contact you?

    Asian Travel Guide

  2. @Alan,thanks for your comment. Sorry no email address public on my blog, but you can contact me via the contact or feedback buttons on my page. Alternative is this: copy and paste in your browser. Facebook is possible too.

  3. Great photos including unusual perspectives. Wonderful.

  4. @Schreibtutor thnx for your nice comment.


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