Wednesday 23 May 2012

Cobras, Bananas and Palm Trees

We have lived in Kuah on Langkawi for 6 months and even though the Apartment had a fantastic view, was nice and cool, we always hoped to find a 2 bedroom house with a little more space. A little garden, where Fiona could grow some herbs and vegetables as well as flowers would be a bonus. If this kind of place would be near the beach of Cenang hmmm... Udo always wanted to live under Palm Trees and looking at them from the 8th floor of a building and also to look at the sea from far away without the ability to jump straight into it,  needed changing! Living in Kuah had one more life. Most people we know live in Cenang and whenever we were invited for an evening out we had to debate whether an expensive taxi-ride, drive on the motorbike at night in bad weather, or not drink.

Well, now we are a step closer to what we fancied. Take a look at the pictures below.

We have looked at quite a few houses and either they were far too expensive, in the wrong place, or in a bad condition. This place seems to fit what we wanted. 2 bedrooms and a little garden area at the back.

Veranda with fan and fridge (5 O'clock already?)
Elke our Landlady made us feel welcome straight away, so definitely helped our decision to move here.

Our welcome gift from Elke. These grow beside the house
The whole place is well kept, lovely flowers all round and at the back of the house the little garden patch for Fiona.

Living Room
We can hear the sea but unfortunately the short cut (5 Min to Cenang beach) has been blocked off. So it is a 15 Min walk (omg) along the country road, a 3 minute motor bike ride, or a jump over a wall to a hotel complex making it a 2 minute walk.(not to be tried when inebriated!)

Dining Area
Now Udo has his Palm Trees right outside the front door
The only little worry we have living in this rural environment is the fear of Cobras and other creatures visiting us. A Cobra had been found not too long ago near the side of the house, but this is quite rare, as they would normally be found in rice fields or jungle. We were told that sulphur (which Elke had already put at the back door) and goose poo  (haven`t got any geese yet) would keep snakes away, hmm.... :) 

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