Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feeling hot, hot hot

The weather here on Langkawi is, how shall I say it.......fantastic, but hot. Blue sky for the last few days, which is rather unusual. Normally there are always some clouds, but at the moment it`s just great. With it being so nice we decided to go for a day to the beach. It is on the North of the Island called: Pasir Tengkorak Beach (Skull Beach)
The water on the North side is much clearer and the sand is golden and smooth. This beach is very quiet on week-days, but full of locals and some tourists on bank holidays. So off we went to the shops to buy a nice Melon to have in the fridge when we get back and bought one called Shark Fin Melon. We had never seen one like it before and thought it was a good idea to try it. What a surprise when we cut it. It turned out to be a massive type of fruit /veg, which tasted like a cucumber, but not bad, one slice makes a cucumber sandwich :) This fruit is used in Asia against Diabetes and they make "Shark Fin" melon soup out of it, named after the vegetable . So next time you order Shark Fin melon soup, you might not find any dorsal fins in it!
Our upcoming entries will be from a 10 day trip to the Cameron Highlands, followed by our next visa run which is a month in Thailand, starting in Bangkok and will include several Islands.
If you want to see more photos click here.
Cucumber Sandwich anyone?
No Comment :)

Fairly clear water

This Macaque monkey found a bottle but could not open it, so he climbed up a tree with it and dropped it, I wont be trying this!  Here he is enjoying  some Maggi Sauce.

Beautiful flora at the edge of the jungle
Great Hornbill, first one we spotted on Langkawi. He was big and when he flew you could here the noise of the wings, making a loud whoosh,whoosh sound.

Not a bad view towards Thailand ( Koh Tarutau) which is 5 km away.

This monkey was going for the swimmer`s rucksack, but luckily was spotted before he could snatch anything.

Butterflies the size of a hand

We call this a cucumber tree, no idea what it is...

...the fruit produces something like wool

NO.. I am not drunk, the jetty was weird to walk on.
Told you.

Lovely coast line

Fishing boats

One of 3 roundabouts on the Island

Typical house in the country

Coming into Kuah

Kuah Stadium (what is it used for??)

Towards home, our condo in the distance.

Nice final display of the sun after a good day out. Sunset over Kuah, seen from our apartment. 



    -14 decrees here, homeless people dieing of cold, some schools closed.

  2. Nice Pics :-) The coconut experimentals and the bird from below are interesting :-)
    Wish you a safe trip to the cameron highlands... might be a bit cool when you are used the heat now....

  3. Thanks Lutz, yes only 19°C at the most, gonna be well cold, but makes a change. ;)

  4. Great Photos, nice posts about Langkawi.

  5.  nice blog! i am a foreigner living in Langkawi too. i have followed your blog so I can read al your posts :-) it's so nice to be in Langkawi :)

  6. @Cai
    Thnx for your comment. How long you`ve been living here?
    Regards Udo


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