Sunday 19 February 2012

Cameron Highlands

Beautiful Cameron Highlands

February 13th and 14th in the Cameron Highlands.

Another fine mess I got myself into
Day 1 This is about a day where I had two shaves, one of which, a "close" one. After our first night in Brinchang we decided to go to Bukit Brinchang the highest peak in the Cameron Highlands 2031 meters above sea level. The road to the top is extremely windy, narrow and steep but the scenery is absolutely beautiful and worth the stress you go through when cars are oncoming and you are constantly hooting your horn before every bend. It was a rainy day with low clouds, but we still stopped here and there, wherever there was a
Cultivated mushrooms in a Chinese shop

chance to do so. You just have to, as there are so many views well worth a picture. (see all here) We once stopped in a little parking place when it started to rain a little more and I thought to reverse, making it easier for Fiona to get into the car (bad decision) because I totally overlooked a ditch on the side of the path in which I drove. Well, I got my front right wheel hanging in the air and the car was actually resting on the path. (Ok, you can stop laughing now) I tried all I could to get us out, with sticks, mats etc., but there was nothing doing, so I really thought we are in big trouble. Out of the blue, two Malays with their family in the cars, wife kids and all, stopped and asked if they could help. As I said, it was raining and these guys dug stones out of the ground, got their hands filthy (on a day out) and eventually, after about half an hour, managed to push us back on the road. I wrote before about the friendliness of the Malayan people and this is another example to prove it! We had another break at a strawberry farm before we reached the top, but as it was completely covered in clouds, started our decent after a rest and a walk on the hill top. On the way down we asked a girl walking in this miserable weather if she wanted a lift and she was very happy to accept. It turned out she was from Copenhagen, her name was Mette and it was her 34th birthday that day. We dropped her off on the bottom of Bukit Brinchang (she planned to eat lots of cakes!) so it was nice to have had the chance to (have met 'er) give her a birthday present by saving her the walk.Being back on a proper street our travels took us to a tea house (Any time is tea time) where we had to call in to have scones with jam and cream complimented by a proper cup of Cameron Highland tea, as this is a must while you are in the area. We went back to Brinchang after an eventful day and enjoyed a nice Chinese meal and obviously a couple of beers.

Day 2 After a good nights rest with all our pets in the room (see previous post) we packed our bags and got in the car for our next tour towards Fraser`s Hill. We went for a nice breakfast in Tanah Rata a much busier tourist town then Brinchang, but more pleasant to the eye.
We searched for a jungle walk and ended up walking towards a water fall on a little path right in the midst of the rain forest. It was humid and hot but great. The funny thing was, when a guy just dressed with a pair of shorts appeared out of nowhere and gave us the creeps for a couple of minutes. It turned out he was harmless, just looking a bit strange....After this more than tiring walk we visited the "Old Smoke House" a relict from the Colonial days which is kept nicely, including an old English Phone Box. On the way we spotted the sign for the Boh Tea Plantation, the biggest or one of the biggest tea producers in Malaysia. Again  a walk on top of a hill overlooking miles of tea, growing on unbelievable steep hills.  Enough walking for one day, now it is off to Fraser´s Hill, stay tuned.....

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