Saturday 11 February 2012

Bananas, Crampers (Campers) and Ns and Ms

Tracey, Martyn and us. 

This post is dedicated to Life`s mysterious ways! A few days ago, Fiona and I went shopping in our regular Supermarket called "Billion" situated in the Fair Mall, Kuah. After I had paid, I was waiting for Fiona whilst she was having a look around the shop. Then this European lady, out of nowhere, came up to me, smiled and asked in a friendly manner: " Excuse me, does 4everasia mean anything to you?" Completely baffled and thinking I am famous now (naaaahh) I said: "Yes??" So she explained she had been reading our blog for quite some time and was just wondering whether it was us she had spotted, as she was shopping for bananas.(Yes, we have no bananas!)  After some small talk, first Fiona turned up followed by the lady's  husband. It turned out that the couple were English, but living in Spain, and are currently on holiday in Langkawi, staying at a nice resort on the Island. We introduced each other and found out their names were Martyn and Tracey. After half an hour of conversation, we parted, saying we should meet again.
So yesterday I had an email suggesting to meet for Lunch, and as we needed to go to Cenang anyway, we decided to meet up there. We went on for some food in a sea front restaurant. It was really great to be able to meet such a nice couple, have some good laughs and get along, so we exchanged promises to meet again. I'm sure we will and  next time we shall pick up the tab (Fiona will bake a cake ;))
I mean, how big are the chances someone reads your blog, or are in the same place as you (10 000km away from home), or actually have the guts to approach you when they see you??? Well, Tracey and Martin did. We hope to see you next year in January 2013 if not sooner!

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