Friday, 27 January 2012

Agrotechnology Park Langkawi

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Sea Cucumber Bisquits, click to enlarge
Two days ago we went on our moped to the Agrotechnology Park. This had been recommended to us by Zachdy, the manager of the first hotel we stayed in on Langkawi and as there are few places on the Island which you can go and visit we decided to have a look. It was a twenty minute drive and once we got there were surprised it was only 15RM p.P. to get in (on Penang they charge 35RM p.P.) Once paid you get taken around the place in an open mini bus where a guide explains everything about the exotic fruits which grow here, he takes some funny pictures of you and builds you little presents out of palm leaves. There are two stops on the tour, one at a small but nice fruit buffet where you can taste all the fruits for free currently in season and the second is at a herb garden. Once the tour is finished the park is open to discover some of the plants for yourself, go up some steps to a lookout tower with good views to the sea and check out   the deer which are kept here as well as a funny looking turkey. The park is well worth seeing for anybody visiting the Island and we might do it again when there are different fruits available season. (All pictures here)

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