Friday, 25 November 2011

Beaches in Kuah

The beach 5 min away
We have lived in Kuah now for two weeks and I thought it might be interesting for you guys to see what we like about it. In my previous post I said we have Internet Problems... well, we still have, so I shall try to upload pictures in the "Photos Link" but cannot promise it will work. If not, come back later! We walked through Kuah today, even though it was about 32°C but feeling like 39°C and have to say there is a great recreational Park here with a beach, which is not too bad. We found another beach just down the road from where we live (5min with the bike) but I have to say we are so far not impressed with the water quality on Langkawi. It always looks misty and if you want to come here for snorkeling...
forget it, not that it is dirty, but due to the Limestone the visibility is bad. There are trips you can book from Langkawi to do this at nearby Islands.
7.00RM Chicken dish
We like Kuah as there is more to do then in Cenang and there are lots of places to eat, specially a little Chinese place, costing 7,00RM (1,20€) for a small portion and 15,00RM (3,25€) for medium (guess which one I had...).