Friday 11 November 2011

1st day shopping, what a laugh

Delhi Belly Pants (1 size fits all)
Today was our 1st day shopping in Kuah and it was just funny. We walked to a shopping mall via a park just down the road from our apartment and we came across a place where history was created (take a look here) hehe We then saw that autumn is coming, as all the trees are losing their greenery and thought of all the poor guys in Europe having to clean up all these leaves falling (guys if you are complaining, look at this) After Fiona having the scare of a monitor lizard (about 1m long)....

Long Term Accommodation Langkawi

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After saying our goodbyes to the guys ( Sara, Clas, Linda, Izza and the rest) in the Rainbow Lodge, where we stayed for 4 weeks, we have moved to Kuah, the Capital of Langkawi. We shifted our belongings into a Taxi and I followed on the bike. I always try to stay within the speed limit, but by following the cab, I think I broke all records for bikes on the Island. 100 kmh through the City and I only hoped for all the coppers to have a day off that day. Once we moved in (all photos here) it was a great feeling to know we have a real base for our travels and to make a place homely again after all this time....