Wednesday, 28 September 2011

KL Tower & Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Towers are now the highest in the World
Today was another hard day for us travellers ( not really) We went for a usual Indian breakfast ca. 1,50€ each and then went on to walk firstly to the Menara Tower of KL, the 6th highest in the world. Included in the price was a ticket to the mini zoo ( when I asked the guy whether that was situated in the tower he creased up, well I didn`t know) We were lucky with the view and took some nice shots. Tomorrow are international base jumpers at the tower and I hope to take some good photos. We then went on to see the famous Petronas Twin Towers, now the highest in the world, but unfortunately the Sky-Bridge is closed until December for renovation. So what??? We can always return next year hehe. The shopping mall was unbelievable; the size, the shops, the people, and it was only when we went in the book shop that we discovered a lovely Park behind the towers where local kids had a great time in a kiddies pool and we had a chance to cool our legs. It was funny when about 6 girls moved closer to us and one of them asked if they could take a photo, all of us together. I suppose they had never really had a chance to see Europeans so close, so we were the attraction.
Take a look at the photos and spot some of the reflections (not sorted yet) and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.