Saturday 17 December 2011

Visa Run to Thailand and a new Place

In a Chinese Temple, Satun
We have quite a few busy days behind us.
First of all we moved into a different Apartment in the same building as before and then  going on our first Visa run to Thailand.
The Apartment (pics here) is not as luxurious as the old one but a lot cooler as it is situated on the north side and there is always a cool breeze going through. We are overlooking part of the harbour (so still sea view) and the Jungle. The old place was nice, but facing south-west, just got too hot. We must have had about 60°C in the afternoons (no kidding) and just could not use the balcony. Our new neighbours are monkeys, no not the ones in the building, but real ones jumping around and playing in the trees.
The day after we moved we went on our first Visa Run to Thailand, a place called Satun, nothing much there but if you are interested click here
It was a nice break from Langkawi though, but it was just as nice to come back home. The next plan so far is to rent a car on the mainland and visit the Cameron Highlands and the East coast of Malaysia. We shall keep you updated.
If you want to have a good laugh, take a look at these funny pictures taken in Satun.


  1. hey guys hope u had fun in Satun! we're off to Thailand shortly. Come visit us soon! Sara n Clas x


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