Friday 30 December 2011

50th Birthday on a Tropical Island

Thnx Sara n`Clas, 1st toast was on you Guys
 Thank you guys for all the best wishes I received on my birthday. Cards arrived and a real surprise was the present which Sara and Clas left behind. How did they know I liked a nice drink :)) Shame you two could not be here. The day was fantastic. 1st a nice swim (not bad in December), then a nice stroll to a fishing shop where Fiona treated me to some fishing rods, then we chilled by the sea and had a couple of drinks and a meal in the evening. The best present though I have ever had was to be here! The one thing I always dreamed of.... living on a tropical Island and being completely relaxed, no worries or stress, but sunshine, Palm Trees all around and friendly people. What else could someone want on his 50th? As I am having such a good time I thought I would let you have some of it too, (in cold old Europe) and cheer you up a bit! Look at the photos, lean back, dream and relax. (Click Photos to enlarge) Maybe you can forget about winter for a moment.
Footnote: we were observing Turtles coming up for air every so often, and their diet consists of Jellyfish which we have never seen in Tanjunj Rhu Resort, unlike Cenang or Pantai Tengah. 
 We are off to the Island of Penang soon for a few days to meet old friends of ours, who at the moment are working in China and have come on a vacation to our part of the world. Really looking forward to seeing them and I shall give you more information about Penang when we get back. Penang is a 2.45 hour ferry crossing away and the price is 115RM p.P. return.
Tanjung Rhu Beach
50? No Way :)
Warm water
That`s what I call "The good life"

How is this for relaxing in December and what else could someone wish for on his 50th Birthday??? This is our new home, where we live and what we wanted. I am lucky to have a partner who agreed to make this (not always easy) move to South-East Asia. Ta Fiona 

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