Friday 11 November 2011

Long Term Accommodation Langkawi

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After saying our goodbyes to the guys ( Sara, Clas, Linda, Izza and the rest) in the Rainbow Lodge, where we stayed for 4 weeks, we have moved to Kuah, the Capital of Langkawi. We shifted our belongings into a Taxi and I followed on the bike. I always try to stay within the speed limit, but by following the cab, I think I broke all records for bikes on the Island. 100 kmh through the City and I only hoped for all the coppers to have a day off that day. Once we moved in (all photos here) it was a great feeling to know we have a real base for our travels and to make a place homely again after all this time....
Nice not to have to live out of a suitcase again. We went shopping and we cooked our first meal on our "balcony kitchen" After a nice and spicy meal (I used too much of the local chilli) we retired on the front balcony enjoying the stunning views and the sunset and of course a nice cold beer. Next morning down to the pool for a swim and life is good......

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  1. Looking good! We'll come over for dinner and drinks soon!

    Clas Sara


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