Sunday 27 November 2011

Night Market in Kuah

The man with the Cakes
After a surprise visit from Sara and Class from Cenang, catching us whilst swimming in the pool, we all went for a little drive on the Motor Bikes, taking in The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, followed by a quick beer. Once they left, Fiona and myself decided to go to the Night Market in Kuah, which is held every Wednesday and Saturday. You might have seen the pictures of the Market in Cenang, but the one in Kuah is bigger and has a few more Items for sale than Cenang`s. Where the Night Market is situated you can see when you follow the " Photos Link" as they are all Geo-Tagged and the map is visible on the right hand side in Picasa.
Just one example of lovely Cakes
We keep coming across the Malaysian Guy in the photograph (forgot to ask his name) as he certainly stands out in a crowd! A really nice chap, very friendly and sells Cakes, Egg Custards (Fiona loves them) and all sorts of litte sweet bakes all made by his Sister....

 He tried hard to sell us some Doughnuts he had baked himself, but we had to decline, as we had already purchased some Chocolate Cake. Maybe/probably next time!
I tried to make some descriptions on the photos, just to let you know what goodies there are, and show why it shall be hard for me to lose weight!
It is definitely always an experience to see all there is on offer, how they cook their goods on the spot and the smells are overwhelming. A worth while visit whenever you have a chance.


  1. Good info here. Long time reader, first time poster....keep it up please!

  2. Thank you, keep on commenting;)


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