Sunday, 27 November 2011

Night Market in Kuah

The man with the Cakes
After a surprise visit from Sara and Class from Cenang, catching us whilst swimming in the pool, we all went for a little drive on the Motor Bikes, taking in The Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, followed by a quick beer. Once they left, Fiona and myself decided to go to the Night Market in Kuah, which is held every Wednesday and Saturday. You might have seen the pictures of the Market in Cenang, but the one in Kuah is bigger and has a few more Items for sale than Cenang`s. Where the Night Market is situated you can see when you follow the " Photos Link" as they are all Geo-Tagged and the map is visible on the right hand side in Picasa.
Just one example of lovely Cakes
We keep coming across the Malaysian Guy in the photograph (forgot to ask his name) as he certainly stands out in a crowd! A really nice chap, very friendly and sells Cakes, Egg Custards (Fiona loves them) and all sorts of litte sweet bakes all made by his Sister....

Friday, 25 November 2011

Beaches in Kuah

The beach 5 min away
We have lived in Kuah now for two weeks and I thought it might be interesting for you guys to see what we like about it. In my previous post I said we have Internet Problems... well, we still have, so I shall try to upload pictures in the "Photos Link" but cannot promise it will work. If not, come back later! We walked through Kuah today, even though it was about 32°C but feeling like 39°C and have to say there is a great recreational Park here with a beach, which is not too bad. We found another beach just down the road from where we live (5min with the bike) but I have to say we are so far not impressed with the water quality on Langkawi. It always looks misty and if you want to come here for snorkeling...
forget it, not that it is dirty, but due to the Limestone the visibility is bad. There are trips you can book from Langkawi to do this at nearby Islands.
7.00RM Chicken dish
We like Kuah as there is more to do then in Cenang and there are lots of places to eat, specially a little Chinese place, costing 7,00RM (1,20€) for a small portion and 15,00RM (3,25€) for medium (guess which one I had...).

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Blessing in disguise?

Real picture taken with the Nikon Coolpix AW100 (no fake)

We went to look for some shops selling western food and came across this temple where a real friendly monk (Hindu, Buddhist or else) gave us a blessing for good luck HAHA. We took some nice pictures of all the different gods and Fiona and myself with a white dot (from the blessing) on our foreheads. Left the Temple, sat down on a bench for a cigarette, got up, carried on shopping and realised later, we had left  (I did) our beloved Lumix Camera behind and lost it. OK, the blessing just did not work. Now we had to look for an alternative camera in all of the 5 fairly decent Camera Shops on the Island for the next few days. We looked at most Cameras on offer, went home, did our research on the Internet (as there was nobody we could ask) and decided on a Nikon Coolpix AW100. Not as much Zoom as on our Lumix, but for that, waterproof (10m) shockproof, temperature resistant and dustproof. We think just a good Camera for travelling, beaches, snorkelling and easy to use. I  am showing  you some  examples of what the camera can do and will keep you updated whether it is worth buying (our opinion) or not. Well you will see for yourselves as all pics from now on are taken with our new Nikon.
I took the video below this morning in our pool. The plastic rose was just to see how good the colours come out under water. I certainly was impressed!!

Want to know more or see more pictires? Click here for our Blog about the Nikon Coolpix AW100

The Video is normally in HD quality, not as seen here on the blog. It is just to show, the Nikon works fine.

Friday, 11 November 2011

1st day shopping, what a laugh

Delhi Belly Pants (1 size fits all)
Today was our 1st day shopping in Kuah and it was just funny. We walked to a shopping mall via a park just down the road from our apartment and we came across a place where history was created (take a look here) hehe We then saw that autumn is coming, as all the trees are losing their greenery and thought of all the poor guys in Europe having to clean up all these leaves falling (guys if you are complaining, look at this) After Fiona having the scare of a monitor lizard (about 1m long)....

Long Term Accommodation Langkawi

Click to enlarge pictures
After saying our goodbyes to the guys ( Sara, Clas, Linda, Izza and the rest) in the Rainbow Lodge, where we stayed for 4 weeks, we have moved to Kuah, the Capital of Langkawi. We shifted our belongings into a Taxi and I followed on the bike. I always try to stay within the speed limit, but by following the cab, I think I broke all records for bikes on the Island. 100 kmh through the City and I only hoped for all the coppers to have a day off that day. Once we moved in (all photos here) it was a great feeling to know we have a real base for our travels and to make a place homely again after all this time....

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gone Fishing

Catch of the day
Yesterday Sara, Fiona, Clas, Totti and myself arranged for a four hour fishing trip from Mehmet the cook here in our resort at Rainbow Lodge. (Pictures here) Full of expectations of the "big catch" we were driven to the beach where a longtail boat and his skipper were awaiting us. Just as we set off there was a downpour of rain, but luckily only lasting a short time. I expected to be taken out to sea, going for Shark, Barracuda, Tuna? (or at least something like that!) Instead the trip took 10 minutes and we stopped in front of an Island. The skipper prepared the bait and we started to lower our hooks into the unknown depths aaaand I had a bite. I pulled my line in and I saw....