Saturday 8 October 2011

Our 1st Week in Langkawi

Small Python in our Hotel
We arrived in Langkawi on 1st of October and had a week now to become acquainted with the Island, being the reason why I had not updated the blog. So far we have seen most of the Island as we rented a scooter and travelled all around. We saw lovely beaches, went on the Cable Car and the sky bridge, walked up hundreds of steps to the seven wells, followed by a short jungle walk and enjoyed the wild monkeys and the food (Photos here) Talking of which costs you about 19RM to 25RM local curry including drinks, about 5,00€ for two people, mainly fresh fruit juices (Mango, Water Melon, Orange and others) We went to the hair dressers today, washing, cutting and drying 15RM = 3,50€ each; lol. All in all, life is very cheap here, but you still have to shop around as different shops charge different prices. All is not well in Paradise. When travelling to the black beach, a so called "Tourist attraction" it was appalling to see all the dirt on the beach, actually a lot of stuff is not getting cleared and makes it look dirty on a lot of beaches. The Jet skis and paragliding boats are somewhat disturbing too. I thought I mention this, not to give the wrong, but a realistic impression of the Island. All in all we love it and we are actually moving into our first Bungalow (Chalet) tomorrow. Pictures will follow as soon as we are online in the new place. 

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