Monday 17 October 2011

Malay Wedding

The Bride and Groom (treated as King and Queen)
Yesterday we received a phone call from the owner of the first hotel we stayed in,  run by Zamadi and Zachd (spelling might be incorrect) a very nice couple.  He said he might have found us a house and if we would like to look at it (was not right for us) On the way back they wanted to know what plans we had for the afternoon as they would like to take us to a Malay Wedding. (Photos) This certainly came as a surprise because we only have two suitcases and nothing really to wear for a wedding.
Well, we found something decent and were picked up by 13:00hrs and drove to a little village somewhere on the Island. We were greeted extremely friendly by the locals, sat down at a table and served some food, a canister with a sweet drink and a canister of water. Me, being polite, asked Zamadi whether she would like the Sirup or some water. Her reply was somewhat of a shock to me when she whispered:" The water is for washing your hands" OMG did I feel stupid, but it was all taken with a good sense of humour. Whilst eating curry and salad and rice (with our fingers) we found out we were actually in the "girls house" which meant the village of the bride, so off we went to go and see the bride and groom in the "boys house" We had to have a second lunch in the "boys house" not to be impolite by now, well full. Because there was only fish on the buffet Fiona had some rice and salad which the women saw and when they found out that Fiona had an allergy against fish, they went in the kitchen and specially prepared an omelette.  In each house we had a little present given (sweets, plastic roses and boiled eggs) and the day was a massive experience and the friendliness was overwhelming.


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  2. I love the spontaneity of the whole deal. I am personally more inclined to involve myself with these activities than one where substantial planning was done. And, btw, those watermelon art is amazing.


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