Sunday 9 October 2011

Our 1st House in Langkawi

Our 1st House on Langkawi
We have moved out of our Hotel today into a House just down the road. (Pictures here) It is actually slightly cheaper than the Hotel and we have more Room. We have 1 bedroom, living room with TV and DVD, a small kitchen and Bathroom with toilet and shower, I guess the size around 60square meter, oh and a little veranda. Our next door neighbours to the right are Germans and to the left we have some Water Buffaloes (honestly)

The owner of our last hotel might have some cheaper house for us and already spent about half an hour driving us around and getting us a cheap Motor Cycle for 250RM a month (60€) normal for tourists is about 30RM a day We are paying at the moment 1800RM (418€)which includes electricity/water for the house, which is still a bit too expensive for our budget, but we are hoping to find somewhere nice for about 1000RM (235€)inclusive. Inshallah (Allah will sort it)

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