Friday 14 October 2011

Night Market Pantai Cenang

What a selection of tasty food
Last night we went to the "Night Market" here in Cenang (Passed the Water Buffaloes)  It starts around 18:00hrs and is open till late. (Photos here) Since we arrived on Langkawi we wondered where to get fresh vegetables from as you rarely find them in the shops or Supermarkets. Well, now we know. The market offers a huge variety of foods. There are grilled chicken pieces on bamboo skewers, fried spring rolls, deep fried crabs, samosas, fried noodles, pizza, home baked beautiful sweets, fruits and vegetables, just to mention some of it.
The prices are amazing too. We bought enough ready cooked food, some fruit and vegetables to last us 2 days and it cost us around 12RM app. (4,00€) The Island is quite cheap anyway as it is tax free. Cigarettes (cheapest ones) around 15,00RM for 200 which means one packet of 20 costs me 0,40€. Beer, (small can) is cheaper than on the mainland 1,30RM about 0,40€. I shall inform you about house prices when we have more of a realistic idea about it. We looked at some already, from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms (seems to be the normal size) ranging from 1200RM to 1800RM a month in our eyes still too expensive. Some were brand new and others were hmm how shall I say it best, run down to a poor standard. We have booked our little house for 1 month, so plenty of time to look around.


  1. i rent a house only rm300 permonth and its a brand new house..but its not fully furnished. the price u were saying might be a fully furnished house.

  2. @fyruz
    We are still looking for somewhere cheaper. Can you give us a tip where to find a cheap place?


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