Friday 21 October 2011

Finally a Place we can call "Home" again

Part of the view from our balcony
We have been in Malaysia for four weeks now, out of which we spent three weeks on Langkawi. Our plan had always been to find a place to live and use as a base for our future travels and after a lot of hard research and networking it seems like we found the ideal place for us. (Photos here)  It is not right on the beach, but in the capital city of Langkawi called Kuah.
 Situated very central and close to shops, restaurants the harbour and Jetty where all the ferries go to the Mainland, Penang and Thailand. We will be paying less to what we are paying now in our bungalow, and the main advantage is, we can lock the door and travel as we please. The small apartment consists of 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom accesible from the bedroom and living room, all fully furnished, a nice balcony with an absolute stunning view over Kuah, the sea, Islands and the harbour as well as the swimming pool. The  cooker is on a small second balcony outside (can move it inside as well) and boy am I looking forward to stand and cook outside with a view which is so nice :) Not sure whether monsoon rain will put a stop to this! The apartment  faces West, so fantastic pictures of sunsets should follow. We are moving in early November and are very happy we could find something like this. It might not have been easy, but so far, it was all worth  it.

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  1. The place is very close to shops and other restaurants and, other than that, it's very near to the ferry dock. This is a convinient place and the picture looks great. I think if I were there I would really enjoy the relaxing views. I agree that I can that it is "a place like home".

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