Thursday 27 October 2011

`" Camera.....And Action"... our Movie Shoot

At the Movie Shoot
I did have a good time last night..I think
Whilst searching the Langkawi Gazette for properties to rent I came across an advert saying: "Extras wanted for a Movie Shoot on Langkawi" After telling Fiona about it we decided to go for it. I sent an email and the reply was, we were to be on the set (filmed in the Four Seasons Hotel Langkawi) in two days time. We were picked up and brought there by mini bus and were quite excited, as we had never done anything like it before. Greeted by the assistant director we were told it is a German production called "Reunited in Malaysia" and we are to act as if we are having a conversation at a table. (Photos here) Sounds easy but we had to mime. Placed at a table we nearly busted the takes as we really felt like laughing. You should try this at home, sit with people and try to have a conversation whilst miming. All went well though and as Sara, Clas and Totti stayed in the same Resort as us we obviously had to have a drink or two, or three after a hard day´s work, hehe.
The second day was the scene of a beach party (again at the Four Seasons) and if miming seemed hard, you should try dancing without music. It`s hilarious !! After the girls had their hair and make up done and we all had our wardrobe checked we went down to the beach and got on with our part. Again it was very exciting and interesting.  We got food and all of 100 RM pp for each day lol. But to have done and seen it was great and I think we all enjoyed it. That there was another after-work session  with Sara, Clas and Totti is (I think) self-explanatory. I think we went to bed about 4am, but can`t really remember :))

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