Thursday, 27 October 2011

`" Camera.....And Action"... our Movie Shoot

At the Movie Shoot
I did have a good time last night..I think
Whilst searching the Langkawi Gazette for properties to rent I came across an advert saying: "Extras wanted for a Movie Shoot on Langkawi" After telling Fiona about it we decided to go for it. I sent an email and the reply was, we were to be on the set (filmed in the Four Seasons Hotel Langkawi) in two days time. We were picked up and brought there by mini bus and were quite excited, as we had never done anything like it before. Greeted by the assistant director we were told it is a German production called "Reunited in Malaysia" and we are to act as if we are having a conversation at a table. (Photos here) Sounds easy but we had to mime. Placed at a table we nearly busted the takes as we really felt like laughing. You should try this at home, sit with people and try to have a conversation whilst miming. All went well though and as Sara, Clas and Totti stayed in the same Resort as us we obviously had to have a drink or two, or three after a hard day´s work, hehe.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Finally a Place we can call "Home" again

Part of the view from our balcony
We have been in Malaysia for four weeks now, out of which we spent three weeks on Langkawi. Our plan had always been to find a place to live and use as a base for our future travels and after a lot of hard research and networking it seems like we found the ideal place for us. (Photos here)  It is not right on the beach, but in the capital city of Langkawi called Kuah.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Malay Wedding

The Bride and Groom (treated as King and Queen)
Yesterday we received a phone call from the owner of the first hotel we stayed in,  run by Zamadi and Zachd (spelling might be incorrect) a very nice couple.  He said he might have found us a house and if we would like to look at it (was not right for us) On the way back they wanted to know what plans we had for the afternoon as they would like to take us to a Malay Wedding. (Photos) This certainly came as a surprise because we only have two suitcases and nothing really to wear for a wedding.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Night Market Pantai Cenang

What a selection of tasty food
Last night we went to the "Night Market" here in Cenang (Passed the Water Buffaloes)  It starts around 18:00hrs and is open till late. (Photos here) Since we arrived on Langkawi we wondered where to get fresh vegetables from as you rarely find them in the shops or Supermarkets. Well, now we know. The market offers a huge variety of foods. There are grilled chicken pieces on bamboo skewers, fried spring rolls, deep fried crabs, samosas, fried noodles, pizza, home baked beautiful sweets, fruits and vegetables, just to mention some of it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sightseeing Langkawi, Gunung Raya

Fiona  self taken on the move at Gunung Raya
After a suggestion from my brother Lutz we went up to Gunung Raya (pictures here not sorted yet) the highest peak on Langkawi and it was well worth the trip. Because it is not season yet, we were all alone. There was not one car or bus anywhere which made the ride with the motor bike very pleasurable and we were able to see wild monkeys and all sort of different birds. The jungle noise was very impressive too and once we reached the top and went up the tower  costing (10RM =2,50€ coffee or tea for free) the view was amazing.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our 1st House in Langkawi

Our 1st House on Langkawi
We have moved out of our Hotel today into a House just down the road. (Pictures here) It is actually slightly cheaper than the Hotel and we have more Room. We have 1 bedroom, living room with TV and DVD, a small kitchen and Bathroom with toilet and shower, I guess the size around 60square meter, oh and a little veranda. Our next door neighbours to the right are Germans and to the left we have some Water Buffaloes (honestly)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Our 1st Week in Langkawi

Small Python in our Hotel
We arrived in Langkawi on 1st of October and had a week now to become acquainted with the Island, being the reason why I had not updated the blog. So far we have seen most of the Island as we rented a scooter and travelled all around. We saw lovely beaches, went on the Cable Car and the sky bridge, walked up hundreds of steps to the seven wells, followed by a short jungle walk and enjoyed the wild monkeys and the food (Photos here) Talking of which costs you about 19RM to 25RM local curry including drinks, about 5,00€ for two people, mainly fresh fruit juices (Mango, Water Melon, Orange and others) We went to the hair dressers today, washing, cutting and drying 15RM = 3,50€ each; lol. All in all, life is very cheap here, but you still have to shop around as different shops charge different prices. All is not well in Paradise. When travelling to the black beach, a so called "Tourist attraction" it was appalling to see all the dirt on the beach, actually a lot of stuff is not getting cleared and makes it look dirty on a lot of beaches. The Jet skis and paragliding boats are somewhat disturbing too. I thought I mention this, not to give the wrong, but a realistic impression of the Island. All in all we love it and we are actually moving into our first Bungalow (Chalet) tomorrow. Pictures will follow as soon as we are online in the new place. 

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Batu Caves and Monorail

Monorail in Kuala Lumpur
Hot day today, ca 35°C so I keep this Post short and sweet. We decided last minute to go to the Batu Caves, just North of the City. It is easy to get to (once you know how) just a train from KL Central Station. Afterwards we went on to the Monorail, which we really enjoyed and if we would not be flying to Langkawi tomorrow, we would definitely go on again. A lot of times we found it quite difficult to access certain places by foot, due to dual carriage ways and or missing pavements, so the best way round is by public transport. If you have any questions, just contact us.