Tuesday 27 September 2011

KL Bird & Butterfly Parks

Biggest bird spider, is found in Malaysia
OMG big spider in the Bathroom, ahhhh....thank god not!!
Only joking :) Found it on our trip behind glas, fixed with two pins. (Spider on a spit) hehe Trip? What trip? Read below:
Today we went to two Parks recommended to us, which were nice to see. From our Hotel we went by Taxi, cost 10RM (RM=Malaysian Ringit), ca 2,50€ as we did not know how far away they were. To go by Taxi you have to look out which ones are running a  Taximeter, as only then do you pay the right price. We had offers from 15RM to 20RM and as mentioned ended up with 10RM. The Parks are situated near the lake gardens and are very sub-tropical and the weather played with it. 31° C and a humidity of at least 85%, to say the least: Ìt was warm` Well the gardens were nice and I added some photos (not sorted yet) if you are interested. We then decided to walk back from the gardens and came past the National Mosque, which we intend to visit some time.


  1. we took a taxi to the bird park, less than 10 RM , well worthwhile, yet returning you will find the Cabbies want a fixed fee ie 20 RM in our case.....we walked rather than be ripped off. The insect and butterfly/moth displays are dated but a world class collection nevertheless. Needs the Natural History Museum makeover.Enjoy KL. We saw the real creepy crawly Bird Spider safely at Taman Nagara in the jungle. Stay at Mutiara, more expensive but at least you get aircon and a nice restuarant and the occasional visiting Tapir, really !


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