Sunday 10 July 2011

The Yorkshire Moors and Whitby

We have been here now for quite some time and decided to go with our camper van for a little trip. The countryside of the Yorkshire Moors are indeed stunning and we were lucky to have some lovely weather. From there we went on to Whitby, where at the looks of the Abbey, Bram Stoker apparently was inspired to write the book of 'Dracula' Then we were off to Robin Hoods Bay, a little village, built on a steep Cliff with narrow roads and a nice beach. We ended up in Flamborough Head looking at Seabirds breading in the crevices on the edge of the Sea. We were even able to see some Puffins, which are lovely, little clumsy birds. I have uploaded some photos, but as I wrote before, due to the little amount of Data Space I have in England, there are only a few snapshots available.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ihr zwei,

    wir waren vor ein paar Jahren auch mal in Whitby. Die Ruine ist wirklich schön und gruselig zusammen. Kein Wunder, dass dort so viele Ghost Stories enstanden sind.



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