Monday 16 May 2011

Berlin to England in 8 Days

After 1400 km travelling from Berlin, via K√∂nigsberg (Saxony) the Blackforest and France, we have finally arrived in England (see 'Our current location') The trip went well and we have said Good-Bye to Friends and Family on mainland Europe. We now need to  sort a few things out in the UK before we shall move on to Malaysia.
I have added some, but not too many pictures to our Photos because we only have 3Gb valid for 3 months Internet. The telephone has been cancelled, so the only way to contact us is with email or my German Mobile number. I want o add more photos from Derbyshire as you can find some lovely places here, so keep checking or register your email on the right hand side if you want to be informed of new posts, or click here.