Monday 25 April 2011

The first part of our Adventure is coming to an end.
Now it is time for us to say:

When we came to Berlin (20+ years ago) we both were still young and enjoyed this fantastic City with all it's Clubs, Pubs, Concerts and Night Life. The history and culture of this place are amazing and we were part of it, when the world watched Berlin very closely: The fall of the Wall (how fantastic that was)  We had good jobs and were able to make a living and as a bonus, mostly in a British environment. We had good times here and bad times, but we still think it was the right decision to have moved, worked and lived in Berlin. The last few months her were like camping in our own flat: No fridge, no dishwasher, hardly any furniture and boxes all over to be sorted or sold. It was amazing to see what one can sell and what money you can still get for stuff you gathered over the years. Now we are down to the neccessary items we might need and it is a form of freedom to have next to nothing.

Now it is time for change and live our dream, a live in S-E Asia (well, we give it a try)
Saturday the 30.04.11 we are setting off in our Camper van going to the south of Germany to say good- bye to relatives, then on to Calais on the ferry towards Dover, again to see family in Derbyshire. We are hoping to set off to Malaysia not later then July, hopefully even earlier. So far our next steps. The next entry here should be, once we are in the UK.

Fiona and I would like to say Good -Bye to all the people who know us and we are hoping to keep in contact either via email or this Homepage. You can always leave an entry in our Guestbook.

All the best

Fiona & Udo

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  1. Hey guys, looks like you're up for an adventure of a Lifetime here in Southeast Asia! I look forward to meeting you guys once you're here. Travel safe and have a great trip!

    David @ MalaysiaAsia


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