Thursday 24 March 2011


Feeling a bit like a pin cushion after all these injections we were happy to see the sun for a change and the weather improving from grey and cold to just a bit chilly but sunny hehe. So, off we went on our bicycles for a little tour and ended up in the, what is now called, Olympic Parc Berlin, but formerly known as HQ Berlin Infantry Brigade. To be here, near the Olympic Stadium and seeing the buildings where I worked and passing BMH Berlin (pics to follow) where Fiona and I met, brought back some nice memories.  (Even though looking forward to leave) it is quite sad. This had been part of our lives for many years and is now all coming to an end. We do not know whether we ever come back here. But with all these thoughts, one real funny thing happened though as we discovered an open gate to the Maifeld, a massive lawn just outside the Olympic Stadium. Normally out of bounds for everybody, we took our chances and cycled all around it (see pics) but when wanting to leave, the gardeners from the grounds had locked us in. As I was already thinking how to get out (ahhh panic, call the cops, lift the bike over the fence, shout etc.) Fiona checked the chain at the gate and realised it was only wrapped round and we could get out. I reckon the gardeners were just having a laugh on our behalf.
I shall try to take some more pictures of the area, Stadium, Brigade, BMH etc. and put them online.
I try and make one last entry before leaving Berlin but do not know when I shall be online again. We are trying to get a Pre-Paid sim card for Data in UK, but we have to see how that goes. AQEMYKKKPYES

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