Friday 6 August 2010

Step Forward

Well, July has been a difficult month for us and yet very successful. Firstly I sold my beloved Honda. CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird, that already hurt and secondly we found a new Home for our Charly. An older couple on the 5th floor in our house was looking for a new cat after theirs had died, but they did not want a kitten but one around 10 years old, so perfect. We know they will look after him well, but it was still hard to part with him. The flat seems very quiet without him, but it gives us more independence for traveling.
To take advantage of this, we went for 4 days cycling and fishing in Deetz, a little town about 1.5 hrs away from Berlin. We found a lovely place to stay with our camper van and caught some fish too (Of course we let them free again)
The last few days we have been rather busy sorting our cellar out and are slowly getting ready for our first flea market sale.