Thursday 29 April 2010

Freedom at last

If you're drunk & you're happy clap your a note I found from Fiona this morning 
Fiona has had her last day in work yesterday and today we are feeling faaantastic. FREE, FREE, FREE:) We are starting a new chapter in our lives and we are looking forward to it. The last 7 months were not easy for Fiona, but she managed and I am proud of her. Now this is all water under the bridge and we can concentrate on the important things.... us!
The next steps are: a week holiday in the UK to visit family and friends, a bike trip for four days with Clive, Lutz and David, then some trips to Poland (Seaside and Lakes). In between we are going to sell more of our household on Flea Markets, Ebay, etc.

We had a nice surprise two weeks ago, when very unexpectedly Pat B. from Cyprus arrived in Berlin and paid us a visit. We decided this is a good time to have some people round for food and drinks, as it coincided with Fiona only having two more weeks to push. (pffft, only...) We hope everybody enjoyed it, we certainly did (see pictures)
If you need Fiona's email address or mobile phone number, please write a mail to
So far so good, please stay tuned as now we are really going to start with our preparations and living a free life.