Sunday, 14 February 2010

More snow

As you can see it is february and we still have about 30 cm of snow. I think I can forget riding the bike for another month at least. Everybody is right fed up with winter, but the good news is, Fiona only has to work aproximately another 50 days, so not too bad.
Klara, we hope you are better soon.

Charly needs a new home

Hi my name is Charly, 10 years old and I am looking for a new home before 2011.

I suppose that is what he would say if he could talk.
Unfortunately we have to find someone who would like to take Charly before we are off to Asia. It is not easy for us, as he is part of the family. He is not one of these cats that want to be cuddled all the time, but has his own personality, which we love about him. If you know of someone who would like to take him and give him a good home, please let us know, ( as we do not want to leave him in an animal shelter. He is a great cat and if we could, we would take him with us.