Saturday 18 September 2010

Little Update

Well, not much happening here. We are still selling our stuff wherever we can and yes, quite happy with the results so far. For selling books we can recommend Momox (if you can read German), just have a look. For all other little stuff around the house we use Ebay-Kleinanzeigen and Quoka.
Best news yet is: Fiona has stopped smoking, (hoorraayyy) but unfortunately I am too weak to do the same :(  Charly the old devil has settled in fine with our neighbors. He is in a good place to get old comfortably. We ride our bicycles a lot (going to the Post sending Ebay parcels off) shopping etc. We have not used our car in ages. The picture on the right shows a Sand Dune in the Grunewald, it is huge and only about 10 minutes bicycle ride away from where we live. We shall go to UK soon for about 11 days, let's just hope the weather is fine.