Tuesday 19 January 2010

Our plan in short

Well, we have just been to Marina’s 50th birthday, great food, lots to drink and good company. Thanks Marina and Bob.
I had some mails from people asking how we are planning our move to Asia, so I thought I let you know, what we would like to do.
We want to leave early 2011 and it does not matter which airport we fly to, as we are going to have a lot of time on our hands (Singapore, Phuket, Bangkok etc) we just need a cheap flight.
Wherever we arrive, the next step will be to make our way slowly, in fact very slowly to Langkawi, an Island off the coast of Malaysia where we would like to set up a new home for the time being. We are hoping to find an Apartment or little Bungalow for about 100 to 150 Euro per month. From there you can take a ferry easily to Thailand to renew the 3 month visa if need be. We shall find out all Visa possibilities this year by going to the different Consulates in Berlin. As there is an Airport on Langkawi we can plan all other trips once we are settled. So far the plan. We are fully aware we might, or surely will experience problems and that it is not going to be easy, but we are fully prepared to take the risk. We think it is a real chance to get away from the rat-race and to start living. Let’s hope for the best and a smooth running.
Thanks to Evelyn, I have added a Currency Converter on the right hand side.


  1. Thank you so much you two, for making my wonderful birthday cake. It was as good as it looks!

    I know you'll still be around for a year but that year will go quickly and I shall be following every step you two take. Brave adventurers!


  2. OMG Udo and Fiona, I am stunned by your news but am so pleased for you both planning a new life :D Thankfully I have time to see you both before you head off on your travels and it will be great to keep in touch with you both.

    Charleen x

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