Wednesday 25 November 2009

We have made our mind up

Fiona and myself had a long time to decide what to do in the future and decided to leave Europe and hopefully make a new start in Asia. We picked Asia because the cost of living is cheap and we love to travel. We shall be in Germany 4 at least another year, as we need to sort the flat out and make last minute arrangements. We have already made contact with someone to look at some of the furniture and have both applied for new passports. Hopefully we can make some money on fleamarkets and ebay as every penny counts. I shall try and keep this up as a diary for friends and family and for us. I do not know when this will be updated next, but keep an eye on it if you are interested.
I am going to miss my  honda
If you have any tips for us or advice please feel free to leave a comment.