Friday, 1 July 2016

Young Waever Birds 2

Well, we are feeding our littlle birds by hand and so far they are still alive. We shall see what the next days bring. The two little Weavers are very lively, but need feeding at least once every half hour.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Young Weaver Birds

We had a very stormy night last night and when we checked the grounds we found a nest with weaver birds on the ground. We shall try to hand raise them and are greatfull for any tips how to do this best. We did some research on the internet, but any extra information we het might improve their chances of survival.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Left Facebook (Wastebook)

We left FB today as we want to concentrate more on our HP. We shall try to update more often again about our life in Malaysia. Here a little picture for a little laugh and where some of the Islands got their names from.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lima 2015 Two planes crash during Lima aerobatics

We witnessed today  first hand the crash of the two Indonesian Aircrafts in preparation to the Lima 2015, held on Langkawi. They were going to fly past each other when for some reason or other they grazed the wings. Next thing we saw was a fireball and two parachutes emerging seconds later.

One of the planes crashed near the motorway where you can see lots of onlookers, firebrigades and ambulances.

The second plane, or parts of it crashed into a house where five people were aparently getting ready for an afternoon nap after lunch..they were very shaken but no one was hurt we were told by some locals. So far we understand all the pilots are save.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hua Hin by Train

It has been quite some time since we had something interesting to write again for our homepage. Living on Langkawi for 3 years now has become a normality and the only trips we did were either to Penang or Satun, mainly just to have a break and do some shopping. (Click on the links for more info about these places)

It was time to travel somewhere different and because friends of ours were in Hua Hin on a holiday and another set of friends live in Bangkok and were willing to meet us there, so we booked the overnight train from Arau (Malaysia) to Hua Hin (Thailand) Here you find how to book tickets

Joined this train in Arau
The easiest way to get from Langkawi to Hua Hin is with the train as the only other alternative would be to fly to Kuala Lumpur then on to Bangkok and take a taxi (cost about 1700THB) or train to Hua Hin.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Borneo, where to stay

Where to stay in Borneo is the first part about our trip to Borneo, the next part will be what to do in and around Kuching in Sarawak, Borneo.


We decided to take a cheap (70€) return flight for 2 people with Air Asia for 10 days to Kuching in Borneo. We had not yet visited the Eastern part of Malaysia and we did not know much about it. Being our usual selves we waited until 2 days before leaving Langkawi to find an accommodation, but Fiona found this place which sounded very unusual on Trip Advisor. An organic working farm called "The Kebung" about 40 mins. from the City.

This is an exert from their Homepage:
The Kebun was first started 14 years ago as a long term plan for a retirement home starting from virgin jungle near Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysian Borneo. Adrian’s Bungalow located by the river was the first structure put up after being disassembled from the movie set of The Sleeping Dictionary. Olivia’s Bungalow was only put up only two years later when it was taken out of storage which was also disassembled from the same movie set. The Longhouse’s were initially 4 goat houses which were converted into the main 5 room Longhouse, the Headman’s Longhouse, the Dining House and an attached Jetty finally completed in 2011.

We liked the idea of a rustic room, shared outside bathroom and veranda, airport transfer, free car and full board. The price seemed a little high at first, but when you think of a car and the food included it worked out OK for us. We booked 4 nights and thought of moving to a cheap place in Kuching after, but eventually decided to extend to the full period of our trip.

When we arrived at our chosen accommodation we were well impressed with the place. It had a lot of charm and it felt very homely right from the beginning. The staff was nice and the room definitely a surprise. The place is filled with antiques,old pictures and house hold goods used by the natives. Carry on to see more pictures.